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Holistic Reality Learning


crucial knowledge needed for life improvement

with Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic educator and author

human nature social science philosopher

natural health wellness pioneer

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I need your help.

Please stay with me here, as I have some very important issues to make you aware of that you may be pre-disposed to ignore or reject early.

For decades I have researched information about human nature and behavior, as well as the insights, narratives and mythologies of history, economics, philosophy, religion and science. Much of what we have been convinced to believe is not how things really are or have been.

We have been deceived regarding a lot of what is taken for granted. False knowledge and manipulation have caused us great harm, undermining health and impeding growth in awareness, self development and better human relations.

Please consider the information I have prepared for you to be as important as anything you have ever learned. There is much of it you probably do not already know. Some of it is shocking; some of it is amazing. In any case, it is important to know it.


Unhealthy Conditions

We are living in a seriously confusing, stressful and toxic environment. Misunderstanding, tension, stress and toxins have been causal factors in nearly any illness or other personal problem you may have had. Other key contributing factors are likely to have been an inadequate supply of nutrients, oxygen and good water to the cells, and a related deficiency in full mental and emotional abilities.

If you have not pursued a holistic lifestyle of natural health practices and a positive attitude, you probably have had some health issues, unless you either have an extraordinarily strong constitution, or you have been very lucky so far.

Serious health conditions and similar problems are avoidable, but few of us were taught correctly about how to take care of ourselves naturally and how to avoid being kept unknowledgeable about actual reality.


Deceptive Programming

We have been led to assume that we know all we need to, or to act as though we are well-informed, when that is not the case. Our engineered social structure and the selfish lifestyle and behavior it engenders, have led us to a desperately polluted world and kept us preoccupied with adherence to obsolete values, and outmoded animosities.

We have been purposely deceived and distracted by a well-planned presentation of incorrect information, staged events, false reality narratives, psychological operations and hypnotic programming.

In other words, the powers in control of the institutions that plan policies and script the information narratives of history, economics and science, as well as current and future events, want us "dumbed down" and ignorant or skeptical of the true reality that their propaganda obscures, and also divided to perpetuate their control.


Digging Deeper

Based on decades of broad education, experience, research, writing and teaching, I have prepared a comprehensive knowledge base to inform you about intentional misinformation and deception, and guide you through the principles and methods of holistic natural health wellness for improvement in health and well-being and prevention of problems. I also suggest ways of protection from being misled and ideas for better creative living.

Our tendencies for indulgence in distracting, irrelevant interests and activities, "normalcy bias" (the assumption that our lives are "normal", and that normalcy will continue), and the resulting complacency, have caused most of us to accept false reality regarding a number of important concerns.

I have sat out on much of the earning and consumption game to live frugally and spend a great amount of time researching. This research has uncovered sophisticated manipulative planning and secret technologies, projects and poisons used against us.

There have also been suppressed breakthroughs and concepts that could transform our lives, free us from harm and make life more enjoyable. As we turn the momentum to our benefit, these should be revealed and implemented as soon as possible.

My information can help to guide us past cognitive dissonance (exposure to something at odds with what you have thought) to a better life. The knowledge also includes insightful methods for avoidance of poisons, improvement in health and well-being and prevention of problems.


Good News

There are many good people who are working to uncover what is false, expose the hidden or misunderstood programs and projects that have dominated our lives, and roll out the new technologies and ways of thinking that can help us.

Our purpose is to have a cleaner, more harmonious world where we can live and grow in wisdom, rather than one of separative mind control, intentional poisoning, massive crime and conflict.

The shocking bad news is that we have been lied to, manipulated, poisoned and tremendously distracted, so that we do not recognize the real reasons for our deterioration in health, our dedication to false benefits such as consumption and accumulation, and our competitive behavior and hostility.

The good news is that intelligent insightful people are working to uncover reality and improve our situation, and that can include you, if not already.



How can you help? Foremost is to take care of your health with natural living and avoid the poisons as much as possible. Beyond that it is very important to devote time and energy to learning about our real circumstances and problems, as well as helping with solutions.

You can learn about natural health wellness, about surviving the changes that are unfolding, about the mass mind manipulation and poisoning by the cabal of controllers, about holistic learning in multiple subjects with various methods, about how we can work together to create a life that serves our growth in creativity, caring and wisdom.

I have prepared several courses of knowledge in a program called "Holistic Learning Modules", offering far-reaching information and insights about issues and improvements in health, mind power, creative action and social organization.

Your help is needed and welcomed, including financial support by enrolling in one or more of the learning modules and/or purchasing some of the outstanding beneficial products available at my websites.

I suggest taking the "Natural Health Wellness Test". Included with the test at no charge is the link to valuable natural health information appropriate for the situations indicated in the test that should be helpful for making improvements. These details of self-care can be explored in the Natural Health Wellness Learning Module.

We need to be as healthy and as intelligent as possible to make our lives and the world better. This important module lays out the principles and methods for greater improvement in health and well-being and prevention of health problems.



One of my early projects after graduate school, about 45 years ago, was organizing a natural foods cooperative and an organic food distribution project, bringing natural and organic foods, including fresh produce, to people in my community.

The co-op program continued for over 30 years, inspiring the growth of local natural foods outlets, and concluding with the establishment of multiple community gardens around town. Now those gardens are flourishing, and there are many local sources for organic foods.

Next I studied holistic natural health in depth and wrote and published a book, Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health in 1978. More than 10,000 copies reached all over the nation and even to Europe. Additional learning and writing followed, as well as speaking, conducting seminars and doing consultations around Ohio and the Eastern USA.

Since the 1990's, for over 25 years, I have presented informative articles and recordings and offered health supporting products on the internet. I have been online longer than Google, Facebook, PayPal, Ebay, Amazon, etc.



I urge you to pursue learning from the materials I have now prepared for getting absolutely needed information to as many people as possible. The modules and their lessons and reports are presented in an easy-to-understand format, with both text and a number of audio recordings, at very low cost.

More information is often added, much of it through my "Blog-Casts", articles presented with both text and video.

I guarantee that you will learn something new and valuable in the education I offer. In fact, there is much that you really need to know about what is happening in our world that threatens the health, stability and even the lives of you and your loved ones. Together we can take steps to minimize the negative effects and make the world a better place.


Holistic Learning Modules

crucial knowledge needed for life in the 21st Century

learning modules consisting of several segments each

some of the subjects include:

~ natural health wellness principles

~ stress control & relaxation

~ concealed knowledge

~ environmental toxins

~ hidden technologies

~ financial problems

~ holistic learning

~ holistic living

~ alternatives

~ secret weapons of population control

~ clearing mental & emotional obstacles

~ increased intelligence & mind expansion

~ greater awareness, creativity & well-being

~ improved self knowledge & better relationships

~ breakthrough insights & technologies for better living

~ self-care, protecting health, illness prevention & healing

~ nutrients, water, oxygen, super foods, herbs, growing food

~ surviving the changes -- those underway and those forthcoming

~ the philosophy of life improvement, greater wisdom & holistic reality


Become as Knowledgeable as Possible

Insufficient information is a primary problem and a major limit on knowledge and wisdom. If you take the steps to avoid false reality, the orchestrated deception and manipulation, the suffering of confusion, anxiety and ill health, you will also avoid the disappointment of missing what you could have learned.

Join us in the holistic learning process of digging deeper and climbing higher. Find out what important knowledge lies beyond the veil of ignorance and deception. Please help to make others aware of holistic learning and this needed information.


Holistic Learning Modules

Natural Health Wellness

Public Poisons

Survive The Changes

The Conglomerate Empire


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Thank You!


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~ environmental toxins

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~ self-care, protecting health, illness prevention & healing

~ nutrients, water, oxygen, super foods, herbs, growing food

~ clearing mental & emotional obstacles

~ increased intelligence & mind expansion

~ greater awareness, creativity & well-being

~ improved self knowledge & better relationships

~ breakthrough insights & technologies for better living


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Facilitator: Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

-- holistic educator, human nature social science philosopher, singer-songwriter, author of Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health (1978), plus seven other books, as well as presenter of seminars, lectures, consultations, recordings, articles, newsletters and websites, with a number of appearances on radio and television.

~ Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics, social science & philosophy - Ohio University, 1969

        special projects & activities:

            ~ intern in finance at executive offices of a major multi-national corporation

            ~ co-founder of a new fraternity chapter committed to academic achievement and no hazing

            ~ Honors College, Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society, chorus, theatre, intramural sports

~ Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, esp. the work of Dr. Carl Jung (thesis) - Hartford Seminary, 1972

        special projects & activities:

            ~ developed a play group of children in a mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood near downtown Hartford

~ participated in a summer program with seminary students from around the nation living communally and working on service programs sponsored by a coalition of downtown Hartford churches

            ~ organized and operated a coffee house music, arts and discussion program for young adults in the Hartford area

~ Master of Divinity specialized in counseling - Hartford Seminary, 1973

        special projects & activities:

            ~ participated in an experimental alternative church focused on personal improvement

            ~ developed a personal growth "encounter group" of young adults

            ~ directed, presented and toured the anti-war play, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, 1972, by Daniel Berrigan

~ former full-time professional musician

~ former Licensed Professional Counselor

~ co-founder of a natural foods co-operative

~ founder of a center for holistic natural health and personal growth

~ former on-staff natural health consultant at a holistic chiropractic clinic

~ former executive vice president of a natural health products corporation

~ former & current board member of multiple non-profit organizations involved with health, energy alternatives, arts & personal growth

~ former high school math teacher + substitute teacher for all grades in Akron Public Schools and other school systems

~ former church youth education director

~ performing singer, songwriter and musician

~ alternative education in natural health, music, yoga, transformational breathing, holistic learning, iridology, kinesiology, Reiki healing, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrients, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more

~ father of four successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle

~ unusual variety of work, educational and cultural experiences enhancing understanding of holistic natural health, human nature, behavior and social organization

~ even more about Jon



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