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Holistic Analysis of Societal Issues

Holistic means understanding parts in relation to the whole. Actions and events occur in context.
As crazy as events and the intentions of those involved may seem at times, much of what happens provides evidence of the essential polarity of creation, an apparent duality in consciousness, similar to two electrical poles sustaining a current.
The distinctions of positive or negative, good or bad, light or dark, and all the subtle gray areas between, present opportunities for thinking, learning, discernment, understanding and growth.
The importance of creative awareness and the virtue and power of loving are key themes of most spiritual teachings. I believe our main purpose in life is learning and growing in creative awareness and holistic loving. 
What goes on in life around us serves our growth in consciousness. As more people recognize that, there will be less fear, more shared creative awareness, greater kindness, deeper understanding and better caring for one another.
I am aware that awareness goes on beyond the demise of the body. The lessons learned in the dramatic dance of ideas, forms, joys and sufferings in this realm are useful with further experience in another dimensions.
Awakening to holistic reality allows us to release any knots in perception, especially moving beyond the normalcy bias and the mind control hypnosis and deceptive programming of the world manipulators. 
With loving beyond fear and doubt, and sharing creative awareness, we can better understand our situation, deal with it more appropriately, and learn and grow more in the process.
Psycho-Social Changes
When Things Aren't Normal Anymore
Major life changes are in progress on this planet, with social problems that nearly everyone notices to some degree.
Most do not take the time to ponder and analyze these changes. Maybe they want to avoid an anticipated dread that might arise from knowing more than they do already about the current crises and the growing potential for more to come.
Nonetheless events, information, deception and fraud, are having psychological as well as societal effects that could become very profound before long.
If anyone cannot see that things already are not really "normal", it is now time to investigate matters. It would be wise to make thorough preparations to survive the changes that are unfolding.
Below are listed several possible significant changes, some that you are already hearing about, and others that you may have missed due to poor coverage in the mainstream lame stream media.
If you have accepted the "conspiracy theory" labels applied by disinformation agents to dissuade attention by implying "to be disregarded and ignored", it is time to look deeper by examining the camouflaged steps toward implementation of these changes.
NOTE: Warnings from those who are more aware of the issues we face in this world are not about generating fear. This important information is about awareness of reality for the purposes of sensible survival and greater wisdom.
Highly Possible Dramatic Changes
Economic Changes -- The dollar is losing its status as world reserve currency and petrodollar. Fraudulent stats, a Ponzi scheme of phony money, bonds and interest, and expanded welfare have kept the public from realizing we have been in a depression in the U.S. and Europe for 15 years already.
In economic terms, a depression is an extended period of subdued economic activity. The questionable GDP growth has been slight. The interest rate was extremely low, but is now being increased. Inflation is higher than the fudged CPI. Employment numbers are falsified.
Hiring is mostly due to adjustments, with many businesses closing or cutting back. The stock market ups and downs and the precious metals price suppression have been generated by banker manipulation. Fiat government spending zooms well beyond 30 trillion dollars. The debt bubble has almost nowhere else to go but pop!
The rest of the world is now rejecting and bypassing the bully known as the U.S.A. and its phony dollar. The extreme debt and fraud are about to tumble the economy, or else there will be massive unpleasant restructuring of it. (More)
Pandemic -- The careless responses by authorities to swine flu, avian flu, Ebola and other biological threats in the U.S.A., make it seem that they were just practicing for a likely (planned) pandemic scenario.
With the engineered bio-weapon, "COVID-19" and the intensive propaganda for toxic depopulation shots, millions have already died.
What plans are there for Ebola, Marburg, the entero viruses, MRSA, TB, and/or perhaps other intentional bio-threats not yet revealed, there may be a lot of sick and dying people if a more deadly bio-weapon gets a foothold. A growing number of various new plague cases are now being reported. (More)
Compelled Vaccinations -- Those who still think vaccines are helpful had better learn more about this medical fraud right away. It is crucial to get enough people educated to reject an attempt at mandatory vaccinations and even worse, injected nano tech chips. (More)
Public Poisons -- Harmful toxic agents have been dispersed nearly everywhere in our lives ON PURPOSE. (More)
Geo-engineering -- Watch the skies. Those stripes, x's and "tic-tac-toe" boxes are not clouds. They are chemical aerosols sprayed intentionally from specially outfitted airplanes. It is done for multiple purposes, including "solar radiation management", weather manipulation, public poisoning, deception, mind control and more.
Terrorism -- Whether by real rogue terrorists or sponsored false flag operative agents and actors posing as terrorists, staged disasters can be very harmful and lead to loss of liberty.
Disaster Weapon Event -- Some analysts think a nuclear or other mass destruction event could go down either as a test of capabilities by super powers, a destructive terrorist act, or as part of planned population reduction along with economic collapse, pandemic, vaccination, EMP, etc. (More)
EMP or Cyber Attack -- An ElectroMagnetic Pulse (EMP) or a cyber attack could shut down part or all of the power grid. In a few days society would go haywire with many expected to die. (More)
Earth Changes -- Quakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, storms, floods, drought, climate change, solar flares, UFO's, etc., are all happening. How many of these events may be incited by hidden technologies such as Directed Energy Weapons? Or are there changes going on in the solar system or an incoming destructive object not announced to the public. (More)
Psychological Operations -- Much of what happens and how it is presented is for "psy op" purposes. Hypnotic mind control is a specialty of the power cabal. Television, trauma, fear, chemicals, frequencies and many other mass mind control methods have been employed. (More)
Staged Events -- Many major news events are scripted, enacted (sometimes with crisis actors), edited and presented by the cabal controlled media as real.
Social Disorder - Baiting and hyping disharmony and hatred between racial, ethnic, cultural and religious groups could have mores serious consequences if the economy crashes or the power grid goes down and people can't get food at the grocery store. The rhetoric about gun control spurs gun sales, which may be to boost depopulation in a social chaos situation. (More)
Martial Law -- There have been numerous drills, and vast amounts of personnel, equipment and tools are ready. A city can be locked down in less than 15 minutes. It may be very challenging to live in a city before long. (More)
Depopulation -- Artificial Intelligence, robots and cyborgs are being readied to take over. The human population is being phased down to a few highly controlled servants, kept on solely for the purpose of performing the few services that a robot does not do as well as a human. You and I are probably have not been selected to be retained. (More)

The Challenge

Powerful vested interests in very high positions have a longstanding plan to consolidate control of all people and nations by reducing intelligence, undermining health, creating false realities and perpetrating financial and legal manipulation, debt, staged crises, social chaos, war and depopulation.

The long term goal of this cabal has been full spectrum global governance under a high tech oligarchy. They have developed secret plans, employed complicit agents, fashioned a global conglomerate and utilized secret weapons to pursue this goal.

A pyramidal bureaucratic tyranny has been implemented gradually over decades. The planners behind this are using technotronic "psyence": deception, hypnosis, mind control programming, public poisons, terror and war events, weather manipulation, earth changes, surveillance, frequencies and sophisticated technology.

More and more people are awakening to awareness of this manipulation in this crucial era in human history. It is time for us to choose to help each other prepare and overcome this challenge of our lifetime.

We were born to experience this situation, to develop and expand our wisdom individually and as a community, and to participate in the mission to transform this world for good.

We need to develop strong community relationships through small support groups working together to learn, plan and prepare for making it better. It is especially critical to stop the dissemination of public poisons and clean up our environment, from home to planet.


Awareness and Correction
With rapid awakening of many people conscious of the seriousness of the well-developed plans by the elitist power cabal for full spectrum dominance tyranny and depopulation, we may be able to work together to correct the situation before their thorough control of us is completed.
Whatever may happen, it is wise to be prepared to survive the coming changes as best we can, while spreading the awareness.
Time for Greater Wisdom
I do not make this stuff up, but there is no need to panic! As bad as all this sounds, we must understand it in context.
Life is a growth experience. We are participating in this life on this planet at this time for the purposes of learning how to deal with whatever challenges are presented, and growing in awareness through the experiences.
Those who seek to control us all, operate from a mindset of elitism based on the assumption of duality, that created reality is manifested by two interacting energy fields: positive and negative, light and dark, good and evil.
These apparently opposite powers represent the creative dynamic tension of a unified field of consciousness. Perhaps the elitist powers have wanted to explore the dark "evil" end of the polarity for their own growth experience!
There is a higher creative awareness expressing loving, beauty and union, that recognizes the dynamic interplay of these forces without exploiting expressions of the darker nature. In wisdom, we dedicate ourselves to learning and improving our caring for ourselves, others and humanity as a whole.
If we want to continue along the path of consciousness growth in this realm, we need to prepare to withstand whatever seeming evil may come, and share in the experiences of preparing to survive, growing in knowledge and loving kindness with those we care about, and working together to expand shared creative awareness, improving our life and planet.
Learn more about why and how to be prepared for the challenges at SurviveTheChanges.com.

Jon's online audio and video programs are at AwareMore.com.



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