The Conglomerate Empire Control System


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The Conglomerate Empire Control System

Learning Module

This important learning module will deepen your understanding of the deceptive control system, the global cabal and the vast conspiracy behind the modalities of full-spectrum technocratic control of our lives and health. Through secrecy, deception, manipulation and control of major institutions and organizations, this cabal has kept somewhat hidden from public knowledge. Their projects are obscured by mass hypnosis, staged events, scripted narratives and fake opposition. Through exposing their methods and tricks, we can begin to liberate ourselves from their manipulation and create a better life.


Learn How We Are Controlled

Insufficient information is a primary problem and a major limit on knowledge and wisdom. If you take the steps to avoid false reality, the orchestrated deception and manipulation, the suffering of confusion, anxiety and ill health, you will also avoid the disappointment of missing what you could have learned.

Join us in the holistic learning process of digging deeper and climbing higher. Find out what important knowledge lies beyond the veil of ignorance and deception. Please help to make others aware of holistic learning and this needed information.


The Conglomerate Empire Control System



The Control Cabal


cabal history

correct history



The Control System

~ history

~ technology & war

~ money, banking & taxes

~ energy, chemicals & medicine

~ rights, laws, statutes & contracts

~ the media, communications & surveillance


Economic Manipulation

~ simple basic economics

~ financial manipulation

~ energy & technology

~ money & banking



~ for profit

~ non-profit

~ networks

~ conglomerates

~ interlocking boards

~ compartmentalization


Control Strategies & Plans

~ secrecy

~ planning

~ influence

~ control of media

~ control of markets

~ control of nations & populations


Psy Op "Psyence"

~ memes

~ deception

~ mind control

~ propaganda

~ intimidation

~ staged events

~ psychological operations


Secret Weapons

~ poisons

~ frequencies

~ secret agents

~ hidden technologies



~ exposure

~ protection

~ prevention

~ creative action



The Conglomerate Empire Control System

~ updates + addendums

~ access to periodic conference calls

~ archive of blog-cast articles & recordings

~ archive of 100's of diverse, categorized resource links to

informative articles, audio & visual presentations and websites


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Facilitator: Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

-- holistic educator, human nature social scientist, philosopher, singer-songwriter, author of Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health (1978), plus seven other books, as well as presenter of seminars, lectures, consultations, recordings, articles, newsletters and websites, with a number of appearances on radio and television.

~ Bachelor of Arts with honors in economics, social science & philosophy - Ohio University, 1969

        special projects & activities:

            ~ intern in finance at executive offices of a major multi-national corporation

            ~ co-founder of a new fraternity chapter committed to academic achievement and no hazing

            ~ Honors College, Pi Gamma Mu Social Science Honor Society, chorus, theatre, intramural sports

~ Master of Arts in religion with emphasis in psychology, esp. the work of Dr. Carl Jung (thesis) - Hartford Seminary, 1972

        special projects & activities:

            ~ developed a play group of children in a mostly Puerto Rican neighborhood near downtown Hartford

~ participated in a summer program with seminary students from around the nation living communally and working on service programs sponsored by a coalition of downtown Hartford churches

            ~ initiated and operated a coffee house music, arts and discussion program for young adults in the Hartford area

~ Master of Divinity specialized in counseling - Hartford Seminary, 1973

        special projects & activities:

            ~ participated in an experimental alternative church focused on personal improvement

            ~ developed a personal growth "encounter group" of young adults

            ~ directed, presented and toured the anti-war play, Trial of the Catonsville Nine, 1972, by Daniel Berrigan

~ former full-time professional musician

~ former Licensed Professional Counselor

~ co-founder of a natural foods co-operative

~ founder of a center for holistic natural health and personal growth

~ former on-staff natural health consultant at a holistic chiropractic clinic

~ former executive vice president of a natural health products corporation

~ former & current board member of multiple non-profit organizations involved with health, energy, arts & personal growth

~ former high school math teacher + substitute teacher for all grades in Akron Public Schools and other school systems

~ former church youth education director

~ performing singer, songwriter and musician

~ alternative education in natural health, music, yoga, transformational breathing, holistic learning, iridology, kinesiology, Reiki healing, organic agriculture, herbs, nutrients, water, magnetic applications, homeopathy, enzymes, and more

~ father of three successful, healthy young adults, who were raised with a natural health diet and lifestyle, plus a “step son” now completing high school

~ unusual variety of work, educational and cultural experiences enhancing understanding of holistic natural health, human nature, behavior and social organization

~ even more about Jon


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