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relaxation, stress control, health improvement, wellness

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Coronavirus, EMF and the Immune System

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With the health challenges of winter and the "cold and flu season", and the reports about the  outbreak of "COVID-19", the novel coronavirus emanating from China to become a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, a healthy immune system is very important. Resistance is essential!

However, our overall health is being weakened by the unhealthy diet and lifestyle that has been presented as normal and promoted commercially, the toxic medical offerings for any health threat from infection to cancer, and all the other public poisons, including geo-engineering sprays and especially electromagnetic fields.

Flu, avian flu, swine flu, chronic fatigue, contagious Lyme disease, Ebola, HIV, TB, MRSA, SARS, MERS, yeast, mycoplasma, COVID-19 and more are circulating. Meanwhile, we are all under stress from public poisons and electromagnetic fields. Several of these are considered bio-weapons by some analysts that believe they were developed to serve the elite agenda of reducing population.

The statistics suggest that the people most vulnerable to serious illness are the elderly, smokers and those routinely exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields, especially smart meters and "5G".

It would be wise to respect quarantines, while being wary of vaccinations and flu shots, hospitals, which are contaminated with toxic chemicals as well as rogue viruses and bacteria, and also electrical fields.

The introduction of electrical wires and transmissions, beginning with the telegraph system in the mid 1800's, has changed the electromagnetic environment of the planet. The electrical power grid, including the wiring in our homes, is a great detriment to health.

The Spanish flu pandemic a century ago occurred not long after the electrical power grid was widely established. Today, Wuhan, China, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, may have the greatest deployment of 5G in the world.

With wireless cell phone and wi-fi transmissions, we are living in a very stressful, health undermining, life shortening environment. Body systems such as enzyme activity, mineral bonds, cellular metabolism and immune response, are disturbed by electromagnetic radiation.

Smart meters and the 5G technology being rolled out and propagandized as beneficial, are actually military grade weapons for surveillance, mind control and depopulation.

This electronic stress makes us more vulnerable to chemical poisons, infection, and degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart and circulatory disease, diabetes and nervous system disorders.

Stress, toxins, and inadequate nutrition cause “distress of the organism“, the real disease. The wisdom of the holistic natural health wellness principles -- detoxify, nourish, relax and exercise -- can strengthen the immune system and restore health.

We need to learn as much as we can about taking care of ourselves, and to gather the resources to do so. The Natural Health Wellness Learning Module has been prepared for this purpose.

Devices that neutralize electromagnetic fields are available for your electronic devices, your body and your home environment, at ReallyWell.com/emf.htm.

At ReallyWell.com we also have a powerful natural health formula of natural substances, including beta glucans, colostrum and mushrooms, that substantially strengthen the body’s natural defenses, as well as Chaparral larrea and an advanced silver more effective than other silver, reaching deeper to counter invaders.

Additional help for the immune system includes antioxidants, oxygen, enzymes, oregano oil, minerals and various probiotics, as well as super foods, fresh organically grown produce and pure water.

 coronavirus, immune system, viruses, yeast, silver, EMF, electromagnetic, 5G


Natural Health Wellness

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A basic maxim of natural health wellness, the subject of the first Holistic Reality Learning module, is that there is only one dis-ease. This can be described as distress of the organism”. Like a card table with shaky legs that could easily tip over from imbalance, there are four interrelated aspects of this distress that can undermine health, either individually or collectively. These are toxins, malnutrition, tension and inactivity.

The epidemic of degenerative diseases is due to this distress. Poor nutrition, public poisons, stress, inactivity and intended ignorance about all of this are the causes of illness. To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good holistic natural health wellness practices.

Being toxic was considered the real disease by early natural health practitioners, which includes the stress chemistry of adrenal hormones evoked by negative emotions, as well as junk food toxins and the growing list of other public poisons, greatly increasing the incidence of health problems.

Public Poisons:




          estrogen mimickers





          pharma medicines & vaccines

          EMFs + RFs


micro-plastic dust


industrial and fracking wastes

Living in a stressful polluted environment with the inadequate provision of nutrients the common diet supplies, no wonder so many have deteriorating health. The oppositional stress of manipulated living and the common commercial diet are not healthy.

The body is a marvelous psycho-biological system, but it eventually falters without proper care. Health recovery requires learning about the body and natural health methods of self care and wellness.

The resolution of illness is found in the "natural health wellness principles": detoxification, life supporting nutrition, exercise and relaxation, including both good sleep and spiritual contemplation. These four principles are the legs of a "stable table" of good health and holistic wellness.

To describe these key principles of natural health wellness a little more: 1) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism, unhealthy thinking and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible; 2) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods and pure water; 3) exercise and tone the body, and 4) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness.

Health is determined primarily by what happens in the cells of the body. They need routine removal of toxins. A periodic weekend cleanse utilizing detoxifying agents, movement of lymph fluid and perspiration, with light eating, juicing or fasting, is helpful at lessening the toxic load. A few of those plus a longer annual detoxification of a week or a month would be ideal.

Good fiber such as found in organic milled flax seed is valuable for colon cleansing. Peristaltic herbs may be used to move things along. Pure water, increased oxygen, and restoration of beneficial probiotic bacteria are also important. Other aspects of the process include flushing the gall bladder, liver cleansing and exercise.

Consuming a variety of organically grown and wild super foods and herbs rich in certain beneficial nutrients will provide natural trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, pigments and other phytonutrients that are missing from most diet choices, yet crucially needed for restoring health and slowing the aging process.

If you have the opportunity to grow your own food, building soil rich in organic matter, minerals, healthy soil microbes and humic acids, is the key to great success and the benefits of an abundance of good food.

Detoxification and nourishment need to occur on the mental, emotional and etheric-spiritual levels as well as in the physical body. Similarly, inprovement is essential for all aspects of our nature to have a long well life.

Pursuing holistic exercise, such as yoga, dancing, walking, hiking and biking outdoors, especially in nature, generates benefits for the physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature.

In addition to detox, eating organic, mostly raw natural foods, and exercise, a healthy attitude, creativity and good thoughts, such as loving kindness, are important.

Our health is also affected by our attitude. Relaxing both tension and the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life. If you are calm and your cells have all that they need to produce energy without excessive toxins, health will be good.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about good natural health and holistic wellness and to gather the supplies to do so. Form a mutual support group to help each other with gardening, preparing foods for storage and other aspects of self-sustenance and survival.

Super foods like Northern Edge organic milled flax seed, Delicious Greens with 8000 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving, flower pollen extract, organic spirulina, turmeric and herbs, are very important to be added to the diet to strengthen and maintain health.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information.

Find the description of my new Natural Health Wellness Learning Module at http://NaturalHealthPortal.com/course.htm.

holistic, natural, health, wellness, natural health, disease, public poisons, detoxification,

nutrition, nutrients, super foods



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Natural Health Wellness

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Nutrition, Health and Harmony

A 40 Year-Old Classic by Jon David Miller

In 1978, over 40 years ago, I completed and published Nutrition, Health and Harmony, which was among the popular books of the expanding natural health movement.

The information was new to most people then. Those of us into natural living, recycling, organic foods and gardening were considered eccentric by others. However, we were exhibiting a growing wisdom that continued in other modalities of holistic healing.

Nutrition, Health and Harmony: A Handbook of Natural Health exposes many denatured foods and public poisons. It explains the principles of natural health, and suggests good nutrition and health practices.

A free copy is being included with anyone's first order over $25 in product value (not including shipping) of super foods items sent from our office. This will continue as long as our supply lasts. Only one book is intended per customer.



The World's Finest Organic Flax Seed


Super Foods: Flax, Greens, Spirulina, Pollen + More


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