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2020 Economic Update

Listen (10:35)


There is a global financial crisis that has been gradually developing for many years. The devastating effects of unsustainable debt, a long hidden giant bubble of shaky derivatives, multiple funny money currencies, manipulated markets, and a growing realization of vast deception, are behind the developing collapse triggered by the closure of businesses due to the "COVID-19" scare.

Overview: With blatant financial disinformation as standard policy, no one knows for sure how things will unfold over the next few years. The financial house of cards in Europe has been teetering for quite a while.

For safety, many alternative economists have urged their audiences to move financial assets out of stocks and currency-based accounts and markets. Stocks, bonds and pensions are taking big hits. Bank accounts may even be frozen or reduced with bank charges in the coming months.

The claimed recovery from the crash of 2008 was mostly based on the tricks of tweaked numbers and free play money. Derivative contracts based on sub-prime assets have continued to be a huge shaky portion of the financial foundation.

The massive amount of debt owed by governments, companies and individuals could fuel the inflation spiral. If the collapse is not contained, we may be headed into a lengthy "Greater Depression".

Post-crash, paper dollars will probably be much less valuable than food, water, seeds, silver, gold and other commodities, although better than the vanished digits that used to be your "bank account".

Unemployment: The official unemployment rate does not include under-employment. Although job starts were reportedly increasing, more than ¼ of U.S.A. working age people do not have a full time job. About half the population receives government payments of some type for financial support. Robotic automation is also reducing the need for human workers. Many jobs that had moved overseas have not been restored here yet.

Banking: This nexus of the corporate conglomerate that controls finance and business is in trouble. Without major reform, collapse of a financial system based on phony money and manipulation of numbers is inevitable. The Federal Reserve banking fraud has blown the debt and market bubbles larger than ever. They had resumed massive funny money creation, but would not call it "Quantitative Easing" this time. It only falsely helped the banks and the stock market, temporarily. Now the popping of the giant bubbles may be an explosion that takes out your pension, investments and/or your bank account!

Interest: The FED had nudged the interest rate up by ¼% at a time over the last couple years, putting a little squeeze on borrowers, and slowing the real estate and automobile markets. Now that sales at all levels are down, the FED has changed back to rate reduction. They just enacted an emergency cut in the interest rate of .5%. The stock market continued falling and now bond yields are nearly nothing.

Currencies: The dollar has been an international “safe haven” for money to be parked due to economic uncertainty. With increased use of other currencies and weakening global trade, the dollar is losing its sole "world reserve" status, while nations have been building up their gold holdings at a suppressed price.

Will there be some kind of “reset” of currency values, perhaps to being backed by assets? If at least certain currencies are tied to real value commodities, that could bring some stability before conditions become desperate or chaotic. The crypto currencies have had their struggles, but still survive and are rising again.

Inflation: Inflation has returned in many markets, and may ramp up more with the falling interest rates, supply chain disruptions and extreme shortages of many goods.

Retail: Companies that serve the dwindling middle class are closing stores in record numbers. Many small locally-owned shops have succumbed to the big corporate invaders. Online retailers have drawn a lot of business as well. Brick and mortar stores are subsiding, leaving empty spaces or repurposed uses in plazas and malls. The worsening economic scenario will cause many more business closures.

Gold & Silver: The prices have been manipulated for years using commodity paper trades. The silver price finally rose above the cost of production, but it is still very low compared to the gold price. Silver has many uses and provides better protection of asset value with a greater potential for gain. I suggest holding physical silver, including pre-1965 U.S. silver coins, not paper or digital promises!

Stocks: The stock market was stimulated to remarkable new highs by almost free money funding corporate buy backs and programmed manipulation by big players. As the market’s hot air is being released, prices have fallen dramatically. Insiders had greatly reduced their overall holdings in anticipation. If the world economy tanks as it appears to be doing, and especially if the extensive financial fraud is exposed, stocks will decline eve more and take a long time to get back to their highs, which were mainly unrealistic.

Housing: While homes have been selling in some areas, higher interest rates had slowed the housing market. Meanwhile, the number of qualified buyers has also subsided as fewer people have full time jobs, and many are in deep debt with no access to financing. As homeless camps grow, the recent interest rate cut is not likely to produce many more buyers.

Oil: Oil and fuel prices have been lower with the faltering global economy. Oil had gotten up to over $75 a barrel, which helped sustain the “petrodollar” for a while. Now the USA has grown its oil output to be one of the world’s highest. Iraq has been restoring their production levels as they return to the world economy, while Saudi Arabia, Russia and other OPEC producers limit output to try to boost the price.

Projection: It has been expected for some time by alternative economists that the banking, debt and derivative bubbles would be popping. The exposure of banks, companies and governments to these threats has left little confidence in the financial system. There is no more debt leverage to sustain it, and nowhere near enough assets to back the ultimately worthless paper.

This 2019-nCoV pandemic threat has been the trigger that appears to be setting off a financial collapse. This could result in a further plummet in stock prices, locking of bond redemptions, bank closings and wiping out of pensions, bank accounts and other paper assets.

Experts warn that the market drops, criminal acts among business and government officials, dollar-pumping inflation, job losses and/or possible bank account and pension devaluations, may soon worsen the wipeout of the middle class and increase widespread poverty and homelessness.

There may be little time to complete preparedness for the economic changes already underway. Let us hope that a well-thought out resolution plan, some type of reset, will be introduced before chaos is overwhelming.

Please visit SurviveTheChanges.com for details on many of the changes we are facing and how to be prepared, ReallyWell.com for outstanding natural health information and products, TICKtricks.com for more on the cabal trying to control us all, and HolisticReality.com for the philosophy of natural holism and the archives of this program.

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Coronavirus, EMF and the Immune System

Listen (5:40)


With the health challenges of winter and the "cold and flu season", and the reports about the  outbreak of "COVID-19", the novel coronavirus emanating from China to become a pandemic, according to the World Health Organization, a healthy immune system is very important. Resistance is essential!

However, our overall health is being weakened by the unhealthy diet and lifestyle that has been presented as normal and promoted commercially, the toxic medical offerings for any health threat from infection to cancer, and all the other public poisons, including geo-engineering sprays and especially electromagnetic fields.

Flu, avian flu, swine flu, chronic fatigue, contagious Lyme disease, Ebola, HIV, TB, MRSA, SARS, MERS, yeast, mycoplasma, COVID-19 and more are circulating. Meanwhile, we are all under stress from public poisons and electromagnetic fields. Several of these are considered bio-weapons by some analysts that believe they were developed to serve the elite agenda of reducing population.

The statistics suggest that the people most vulnerable to serious illness are the elderly, smokers and those routinely exposed to harmful electromagnetic fields, especially smart meters and "5G".

It would be wise to respect quarantines, while being wary of vaccinations and flu shots, hospitals, which are contaminated with toxic chemicals as well as rogue viruses and bacteria, and also electrical fields.

The introduction of electrical wires and transmissions, beginning with the telegraph system in the mid 1800's, has changed the electromagnetic environment of the planet. The electrical power grid, including the wiring in our homes, is a great detriment to health.

The Spanish flu pandemic a century ago occurred not long after the electrical power grid was widely established. Today, Wuhan, China, epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, may have the greatest deployment of 5G in the world.

With wireless cell phone and wi-fi transmissions, we are living in a very stressful, health undermining, life shortening environment. Body systems such as enzyme activity, mineral bonds, cellular metabolism and immune response, are disturbed by electromagnetic radiation.

Smart meters and the 5G technology being rolled out and propagandized as beneficial, are actually military grade weapons for surveillance, mind control and depopulation.

This electronic stress makes us more vulnerable to chemical poisons, infection, and degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart and circulatory disease, diabetes and nervous system disorders.

Stress, toxins, and inadequate nutrition cause “distress of the organism“, the real disease. The wisdom of the holistic natural health wellness principles -- detoxify, nourish, relax and exercise -- can strengthen the immune system and restore health.

We need to learn as much as we can about taking care of ourselves, and to gather the resources to do so. The Natural Health Wellness Learning Module has been prepared for this purpose.

Devices that neutralize electromagnetic fields are available for your electronic devices, your body and your home environment, at ReallyWell.com/emf.htm.

At ReallyWell.com we also have a powerful natural health formula of natural substances, including beta glucans, colostrum and mushrooms, that substantially strengthen the body’s natural defenses, as well as Chaparral larrea and an advanced silver more effective than other silver, reaching deeper to counter invaders.

Additional help for the immune system includes antioxidants, oxygen, enzymes, oregano oil, minerals and various probiotics, as well as super foods, fresh organically grown produce and pure water.

 coronavirus, immune system, viruses, yeast, silver, EMF, electromagnetic, 5G


Natural Health Wellness

Listen (8:27)


A basic maxim of natural health wellness, the subject of the first Holistic Reality Learning module, is that there is only one dis-ease. This can be described as distress of the organism”. Like a card table with shaky legs that could easily tip over from imbalance, there are four interrelated aspects of this distress that can undermine health, either individually or collectively. These are toxins, malnutrition, tension and inactivity.

The epidemic of degenerative diseases is due to this distress. Poor nutrition, public poisons, stress, inactivity and intended ignorance about all of this are the causes of illness. To be healthy in unhealthy times depends on learning and pursuing good holistic natural health wellness practices.

Being toxic was considered the real disease by early natural health practitioners, which includes the stress chemistry of adrenal hormones evoked by negative emotions, as well as junk food toxins and the growing list of other public poisons, greatly increasing the incidence of health problems.

Public Poisons:




          estrogen mimickers





          pharma medicines & vaccines

          EMFs + RFs


micro-plastic dust


industrial and fracking wastes

Living in a stressful polluted environment with the inadequate provision of nutrients the common diet supplies, no wonder so many have deteriorating health. The oppositional stress of manipulated living and the common commercial diet are not healthy.

The body is a marvelous psycho-biological system, but it eventually falters without proper care. Health recovery requires learning about the body and natural health methods of self care and wellness.

The resolution of illness is found in the "natural health wellness principles": detoxification, life supporting nutrition, exercise and relaxation, including both good sleep and spiritual contemplation. These four principles are the legs of a "stable table" of good health and holistic wellness.

To describe these key principles of natural health wellness a little more: 1) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism, unhealthy thinking and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible; 2) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods and pure water; 3) exercise and tone the body, and 4) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness.

Health is determined primarily by what happens in the cells of the body. They need routine removal of toxins. A periodic weekend cleanse utilizing detoxifying agents, movement of lymph fluid and perspiration, with light eating, juicing or fasting, is helpful at lessening the toxic load. A few of those plus a longer annual detoxification of a week or a month would be ideal.

Good fiber such as found in organic milled flax seed is valuable for colon cleansing. Peristaltic herbs may be used to move things along. Pure water, increased oxygen, and restoration of beneficial probiotic bacteria are also important. Other aspects of the process include flushing the gall bladder, liver cleansing and exercise.

Consuming a variety of organically grown and wild super foods and herbs rich in certain beneficial nutrients will provide natural trace minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, pigments and other phytonutrients that are missing from most diet choices, yet crucially needed for restoring health and slowing the aging process.

If you have the opportunity to grow your own food, building soil rich in organic matter, minerals, healthy soil microbes and humic acids, is the key to great success and the benefits of an abundance of good food.

Detoxification and nourishment need to occur on the mental, emotional and etheric-spiritual levels as well as in the physical body. Similarly, inprovement is essential for all aspects of our nature to have a long well life.

Pursuing holistic exercise, such as yoga, dancing, walking, hiking and biking outdoors, especially in nature, generates benefits for the physical as well as mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature.

In addition to detox, eating organic, mostly raw natural foods, and exercise, a healthy attitude, creativity and good thoughts, such as loving kindness, are important.

Our health is also affected by our attitude. Relaxing both tension and the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life. If you are calm and your cells have all that they need to produce energy without excessive toxins, health will be good.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about good natural health and holistic wellness and to gather the supplies to do so. Form a mutual support group to help each other with gardening, preparing foods for storage and other aspects of self-sustenance and survival.

Super foods like Northern Edge organic milled flax seed, Delicious Greens with 8000 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving, flower pollen extract, organic spirulina, turmeric and herbs, are very important to be added to the diet to strengthen and maintain health.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information.

Find the description of my new Natural Health Wellness Learning Module at http://NaturalHealthPortal.com/course.htm.

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Post-Casts were halted for 3 months (Nov, 2019 - Jan, 2020) during the

preparation and launch of my new Holistic Reality Learning program.


Your Body Is Mostly Water

Listen (8:25)


Are you consuming enough water? The need for pure, high quality water is universal, but is your water pure enough? It needs purification of contaminants before consumption.

Most of us are dehydrated and toxic, and vulnerable to unfavorable health conditions because of this. The body will work better with more water consumption, the digestive system especially, and toxins will be more thoroughly eliminated.

Water and minerals are essential components of our life processes. If the cells of the body do not receive enough properly structured water, free of toxic chemicals, they will not function properly and may not live long. 

What liquids are you consuming regularly? What is the quality of the water you consume?

Except in the case of pure fruit and vegetable juices and milk, most beverages, soups and many other food products contain added water. Coffee, teas, juices from concentrate, soft drinks, beer, wine, soups, even super food smoothies, are usually made with water.

We need to be concerned about the chemicals and other contaminants in all that we consume. For example, glyphosate has been among the most used agricultural herbicides for years, and nearly everyone has toxic levels of it in the body.

Pesticides, herbicides, industrial wastes, fracking chemicals, pharmaceuticals, micro-plastic dust and radioactive and heavy metals from geo-engineering aerosol fallout, are all common contaminants in both food and water. So are many chemical additives used in food processing, such as aspartame, flavors, colors and preservatives.

Raw tap water is a chemical cocktail that should not be consumed without purification. Chlorine for more than a century, fluoride for over 60 years and other toxic chemical public poisons have been admittedly added by cities to the excess of pollutants already contaminating the water that should not be in our supply for consumption.

Further, our bodies need intake of pure water. The water in other beverages and foods is not as useful for bodily needs as water itself.

However, the water piped into our homes needs corrected to be healthy. It is absolutely essential to purify water with special water purifying system to remove the poisons.

A combination of redox media with carbon and “corrected" reverse osmosis is the most thorough method of purifying for home use. In most cases RO water is more acidic and needs re-mineralized as a “correction” to make it more alkaline.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information, and Waterus.com for affordable water purification.

water, fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, glyphosate, drugs, pharmaceuticals, reverse osmosis


Eating Well

Listen (6:39)


The long-lived healthy people of the world are almost all slender, with an active lifestyle, even in their older years. They eat mostly fruits and garden fresh vegetables, with modest amounts of animal source foods and grains. They drink natural water, free of added chemicals. They do a lot of walking and many chores around home such as gardening and carrying water.

One of the pillars of good health is eating natural foods. Organically grown whole foods and super foods are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health.

Our meals should be simple and modest. If you feel "stuffed" after eating, you probably ate far more than needed. Eat when hungry, and as little as possible of good things. Food may be hard to come by at some point. Start training by getting by on less of it. Chewing slowly and thoroughly, the hunger signal is likely to dissipate more rapidly, with less eaten.

60% to 80% of the diet should be alkaline-forming foods, depending on the season. 75% or more should be raw. "There is no such thing as a 'good hot meal'."

I suggest eating primarily fruits, vegetables and sprouts, alkaline forming foods, with seeds and nuts for proteins and fats, while going light on animal source proteins and fats. Minimize grains, legumes, nightshades and especially refined carbohydrates.

If you soak beans, nuts, seeds and grains before consumption, sprouting or fermenting whenever possible, most of the problems of anti-nutrients can be avoided.

Add turmeric and/or cinnamon when appropriate for antioxidants, and a little Himalayan or Celtic salt for minerals. Delicious Greens 8000 super food mix has 8000 ORAC units of antioxidants per serving, with a variety of types.

Antioxidants, special nutrient compounds that counter damaging free radicals, are needed daily. An antioxidant donates an available electron to a free radical molecule that is missing one. Otherwise it zings around the body searching for and stealing an electron from body tissues, creating another free radical that does more damage, a usual aspect of degenerative disease.

Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. These building blocks of almost everything are essential to the health of living organisms. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown foods whenever possible.

Take advantage of the benefits of probiotics and enzymes for better digestion and metabolism, as well as minerals and super foods. Flax seed can reduce inflammation and soothe the intestines, while providing many important nutrients. We have the best in Northern Edge organic milled flax seed.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information, and Waterus.com for affordable water purification.

natural, health, natural health, natural foods, organic, nutrition, nutrients, digestion, enzymes, super foods, herbs, flax seed


Eating Poorly

Listen (7:48)


Do you choose what to eat based on color, flavor, texture, packaging, brand, advertising or for the nutrients and quality of the soil and growing methods?

The promotion of food as commercial products has encouraged eating for taste and pleasure. The understanding of nutrition has been an afterthought for most. Widespread obesity and many other health problems are the clear indicators of this.

How much of the population is stuck in the "balanced meal" notion of meat, potatoes, bread, a cooked vegetable, a small side salad, milk, coffee, soft drink and/or alcohol, and maybe dessert? Most restaurants, banquets and hosted dinners still follow that model.

You are likely to be eating more than you need to eat, especially if the food is not providing the nutrients you need.

Overeating clogs the system, especially the heavier cooked animal proteins and fats. Sugar and refined starches are low-grade, unhealthy products. Food sources should be high quality, organically-grown, minimally cooked, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, with small amounts of meat or eggs if desired.

Milk, cheese and other dairy foods are not suitable for regular human consumption. Cow's milk is for supporting the growth of a half-ton or greater animal. No mammal continues eating nature's baby food as adults, except humans. 

Some combinations of food impair digestion, with less nutrients derived from the food. Proteins and starches are not compatible, so "meat and potatoes" or most sandwiches are not very good. Fruits are best eaten apart from other foods, especially melons, or the juices ferment in your digestive tract.                     

Many of the food items most commonly eaten contain compounds that cause trouble. These include poisons added in growing and processing, as well as naturally-occurring anti-nutrients that may impair digestion and metabolism or foster inflammation.

Organophosphates, organo-chlorines, neo-nicotinoids and sulfoximines are common classes of agricultural chemicals, public poisons in our food supply and environment, and there are still more herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. Glyphosate weed killer is a toxic load in nearly all of us, used in growing most GMO crops and many others in drying them out for harvest.

The additives to prepared foods: binders, fillers, sweeteners, flavors, enhancers, conditioners, colors, preservatives and more, are not added for health reasons. For example, aspartame artificial sweetener is toxic to the brain, lessening intelligence and clouding thinking.

But most people also follow the programmed mindset of celebrating or consoling themselves with sweet or salty snacks and treats with processed sugars, poor quality oils and chemical additives. 

Food products are commonly not real foods. Almost all the corn and soy in the USA is genetically modified unless it is certified organically grown. Many candies and snacks are partly made of chemicals.

Some of the toxic ingredients to avoid include, corn syrup, especially with high fructose, and dextrose, made from GMO corn; partially hydrogenated (GMO) soy or canola oil; as well as yellow, blue and red color dyes, all derived from petroleum.

What about the methyl benzoate, ethyl methylphenidate and other fake flavors and textures? Then there are the parabens, sodium benzoate, butane-related TBHQ (from petroleum), and other chemical preservatives.

How many hyperactive and dysfunctional children have been affected by these food additives? How much anxiety, nausea, vomiting and dizziness has been triggered? How many allergic reactions, behavioral problems, DNA alterations and cancers have been generated?

Many of the foods we like to eat have anti-nutrients in the crops by nature include acids, enzyme inhibitors and proteins that are not easily digested. They can generate digestive distress, weight problems and inflammation, among other ailments.

Phytic acid is present in grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. It reduces digestive enzyme effectiveness and lessens absorption of key minerals, including iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and copper. Tannins and oxalates are other acid derived nutrient blockers in common foods.

Gluten is a gluey protein in wheat, rye and barley that is very difficult to digest. It also inhibits enzymes and causes many problems in the digestive tract, including leaky gut. Allergies, headaches, joint pain and mental cloudiness are common reactions to gluten. Breads, pizza, pasta, pastries and such are best avoided.

Lectins are generally sticky proteins in legumes, nuts, seeds, grains and nightshades, as well as in meats, eggs and dairy products from grain-fed animals. Lectins do not digest well, and create gas and indigestion. They coat food particles, reducing nutrient absorption, and also stick to, penetrate and erode the intestinal lining, causing leaky gut and many allergies and other health problems. Soybeans, peanuts, tree nuts, eggplant and wheat are especially high in lectins.

Other anti-nutrients include saponins, similar to lectins in sources and effects, solanine in nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tobacco), and isoflavones, phytoestrogen compounds found especially in soybeans, that disrupt hormone balance.

Deficient soils, low nutrition crops, processed food products with sugar and additives, applying fire to most foods, overeating, poor food combining, and poor digestion, absorption and assimilation -- no wonder nutritional deficiency and degenerative disease are epidemic.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information, and Waterus.com for affordable water purification.


nutrients, anti-nutrients, phytic acid, gluten, lectins, public poisons, digestion, enzymes, natural health, super foods, herbs, flax seed


Pharmaceutical Overload

Listen (8:14)


Nearly 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of routine chemical medicines that suppress or redirect symptoms yet do not correct the underlying condition. The cabal of powers-that-be that owns the medical industry has been allowed to have nearly full authority over the health decisions of most people.

Many pharmaceuticals seriously interfere with proper biological functioning. Most are a mix of chemical and biological components that include highly toxic ingredients, especially vaccines, which are nearly all contaminated with heavy metals and other chemicals that poison the body and brain, and often with extraneous organisms.

Most of the population has been convinced to accept the idea of medical vaccination, especially of children and seniors, as both necessary and required. What is the real motive of the annual promotion of childhood vaccinations for school and flu shots for all ages?

This propaganda represents an intentional agenda. The vested interests want to make vaccinations compulsory, which has already been done in California, with other states considering it.

Children are pumped with vaccines from infancy. These often contain both living and dead viruses, some of them genetically altered, plus contaminating viruses and mycoplasma, a form of bacteria without cell walls and not susceptible to antibiotics, as well as toxic chemicals.

Vaccines, flu shots and other medical formulations often have poisonous fluoride in them plus the toxic metals mercury and aluminum. Mind numbing, cancer causing fluoride has also been in most public water supplies in the U.S.A. for over 60 years, and is in many dental products and dental procedures.

Chemical poisons have been included in medicines on purpose for population control and depopulation by lessening intelligence, reducing fertility, creating terrible health problems, such as autism and cancer, and shortening life.

Many of the hundreds of millions of people taking meds are on multiple prescriptions. As these are recycled in our water supply, nearly everyone is affected that way also.

Combining the medicines with the other public poisons, including fluoride and chlorine added to our city water, toxic climate engineering aerosols being sprayed in the atmosphere, genetically modified crops (GMO) with the toxic glyphosate herbicide used with them, excessive radiation still streaming from Fukushima, Japan, and harmful frequencies of cell phones, wi-fi and the new 5G network, all life on our planet is threatened by these overwhelming harmful influences.

Is it any wonder that conditions such as autism, cancer, dementia, MS, Parkinson's and more are now so common?

All this poisoning is part of an agenda developed by the elitist powers that want a less intelligent, health-challenged and ultimately smaller population, while making profits for their tyrannical medical operation. The few at the top of the pyramid of power are so rich that they care more about getting rid of masses, and full control of the remainder, than profit.

We have been brainwashed by deception and fraud for profit and control - the mythology of medical treatment for ailments. The side effects of one med leads to the prescription of another and more poisoning.

The medical industry serves the worlds' elitists by keeping people less smart, distracting them by preoccupation with their health problems, and robbing them of their earnings to pay for what the trained and authorized professional pushers tell them they need.

Our health is really determined by what happens in the cells of the body. If they are deficient in nutrients, stressed and impaired by toxins, they cannot perform properly and health may be poor. If the cells have all that they need to produce energy, and not too much toxins and stress, health is likely to be good.

Key knowledge, detoxification and a natural lifestyle are crucial to better health and intelligence with the depopulation challenges we are facing. Antioxidants, super foods, herbs, essential oils, minerals, other natural nutrients are very valuable.

The keys of natural health are:

1) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible;

2) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods, organic milled flaxseed, high quality herbs, antioxidants, alkalization, extra oxygen and pure water;

3) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness;

4) exercise with aerobics that moves the lymph fluid and strengthen the heart, as well as fitness training and muscle building.

Routine medication will not make you healthy. Your body does not have a deficiency of any pharma medicine. On the contrary, pharmaceuticals will usually make you less well, less able to be healthy in the future, and more likely to be dead before you would be without them!

In my opinion it is wise to avoid the ill-informed practice of vaccination, as well as the medical treatment of symptoms except in a life-threatening circumstance. Learn to support the immune system instead.

Overcome the blacklisting and suppression of this information by spreading the message.

Please visit SurviveTheChanges.com for details on many of the challenges we are facing and how to be prepared and ReallyWell.com for outstanding holistic natural health information and products.

pharma, medicine, drugs, vaccine, vaccination, flu shot, public poisons,

immunization, viruses, autism, detoxification

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Holistic Natural Health Knowledge

Listen (9:16)


Although great strides have been made in holistic natural health over the last 40 years, in assessing where we are in the expansion of the knowledge, it is obvious from the growth of degenerative disease, hospitals and pharmacies that many people still have much to learn.

We have been unknowingly exposed to many public poisons most of our lives. Our health is eroded by small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals used in agriculture, industry, medicine, food, water and household products, as well as electromagnetic frequencies (emf) from cell phones and wifi transmissions and geo-engineering sprays in the air. These are contributing to diminished mental ability and degenerative diseases.

More and more people are coming to understand that this attack is intentional. The cabal of world corporate controllers have an agenda to lower the intelligence, shorten the lives and reduce the numbers of the masses, while feeding the coffers of their medical industry.

It is critically important to learn about what harms us and the natural ways of supporting better health.

A basic maxim of holistic natural health is that there is only one dis-ease, “distress of the organism”. Like a shaky three-legged stool that could easily tip over from imbalance, there are three interrelated aspects of this distress that can undermine health, either individually or more likely collectively. These are toxins, malnutrition and tension.

The concept of “holistic health” was developed in the 1970’s. Great improvement in well-being is achieved in attending to “whole self health“, understanding the effects of diet, pollution and stress as well as mental and emotional states on physical health and vice versa. Better health on every level of our being is the purpose of the holistic approach.

The key principles of holistic natural health are: 1) detoxify the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism, unhealthy thinking and public poisons, avoiding exposure as much as possible; 2) nourish the body with life supporting organic foods, super foods and pure water; 3) exercise and tone the body, and 4) relax stress and tension while cultivating a positive attitude of wellness.

These can be pursued on all levels of the whole self, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of both the individual and society.

Detoxification needs to occur on the mental, emotional and etheric-spiritual levels as well as in the physical body. Similarly, nourishment is essential for all aspects of our nature to have a long well life. In addition to organic, mostly raw natural foods, a healthy attitude, creativity and good thoughts, such as loving kindness, are important.

Organically grown natural foods rich in antioxidants and enzymes are the essential selections for eating wisely and building good health. Especially valuable choices are seeds, sprouts and a combination of fresh produce items, ideally from one’s own garden. GMO and highly processed food products harm health and engender disease.

Organically grown seeds, such as amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, alfalfa, beans, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and milled flaxseed are very valuable “embryonic foods. Probiotics and other support for the immune system and pure water are important as well.

Minerals are essential to the health of living organisms. Deficiency of minerals is common due to chemical agriculture. Minerals are normally restored to soil with organic farming. Choose organically grown food whenever possible.

Growing food for your household is wise, especially organically grown plants from non GMO, heirloom seeds. Plan your garden and obtain heirloom seeds and the soil building materials to grow good food. Meanwhile, you can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors, or in a cold frame or a greenhouse, even in the winter.

Super foods like organic milled flax seed, flower pollen extract and Delicious Greens 8000 offer a great variety of minerals and other needed nutrients in easily utilized food form. North Atlantic kelp is an excellent source of trace minerals, including iodine that is essential for the thyroid and the immune system.

Each of us needs to learn as much as we can about natural health and to gather the supplies to do so. Form a mutual support group to help each other with gardening, preparing foods for storage and other aspects of self-sustenance and survival.

At the same time, relaxing both tension and the concern for what stresses us leads to a calmer approach to life.

A review of past problems and traumas can be done with an attitude of acceptance of reality, forgiveness, learning and gratitude for improvement. This helps us move on to new experiences with less impairment from recycling our past disturbances.

Walking, hiking and biking outdoors, especially in nature, is holistic exercise that has mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Yoga and other forms of contemplative exercise are beneficial as well.

The real self is the center of our awareness and the individual agent of our holistic natural wisdom. That wisdom is enhanced by shared knowledge and experience. One’s true self can be the guide for the process of life improvement.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding holistic natural health information and products, and Waterus.com for affordable water purification.

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Preparing For Life Changes with Superior Nutrition Food

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It is harvest time, and summer is fading into Fall. It is wise to stock up food for the winter like the farmers do. Food is running short and prices are expected to soar in the coming months, making it difficult for most folks to maintain normal food purchases.

There is a drastic reduction in this year's farm crop harvests due to soil erosion, equipment losses and inability to plant for many farmers due to historic flooding in the Midwest. Even worse, a vast amount of stored crops held in barns and silos in hope of better prices plus millions of livestock animals were wiped out as well.

Drought, burn out, excessive rain, insufficient sunlight, pests and loss of pollinating bees are other reasons for lesser harvests. Many smaller farmers are following the tens of thousands of others like them that over the last five decades have abandoned farming due to financial hardship.

Today's lifestyle is dependent on routine delivery systems that could easily be disrupted. This is actually likely to occur before long.

Earth changes are in progress, with intense earthquakes, wildfires, storms, floods, lightning, tornadoes, volcanic activity, sinkholes, meteor fireballs and unusual temperature variations.

Such earth disturbances are far beyond the "climate change" that social engineers blame on carbon emissions from human activity. The real issues concern effects on the sun and planets due to cyclic changes in their position in the galaxy relative to other objects or frequencies, as well as weather manipulation.

These greater immediate threats to our current lifestyle are not discussed in the controlled media to prevent panic. Have you noticed what natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes can do?

These earth change events can destroy property, interfere with food production, damage infrastructure, close roads and prevent delivery of supplies. Also, economic collapse, a power outage or war could suddenly shut down farming and the supply chain sooner than would the Grand Solar Minimum we are already experiencing.

More than that, a massive volcanic eruption or an anticipated pole shift could stop nearly all global food production with an instant temporary ice age.

Everyone should have extra food and other critical supplies on hand, enough for several months to a year or more. This is quietly advocated by many in the know, including whistle blowers from official agencies.

It has become all the more important to focus on foods that deliver maximum nutritional value to sustain good health in hard times.

The real purpose of eating is to provide the nutrition your cells and organs need to function.  Nutrient-rich super foods like Northern Edge organic milled flax seedDelicious Greens 8000, flower pollen extract, organic spirulina and turmeric, are superior choices for having on hand. The array of essential nutrients in these foods includes proteins, fatty acids, enzymes, pigments, antioxidants and other rare phyto-nutrient compounds, as well as vitamins and minerals, all very important to be added to the diet to strengthen and maintain health.

For over 40 years I have been aware of the need for preparing to survive the changes, and offering healthy organic natural foods. I am the primary distributor of Northern Edge flax in the USA, with low prices on this and several other superior super food products.

Please visit ReallyWell.com for outstanding super foods and other natural health products and information, and Waterus.com for affordable water purification.


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