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Holistic Reality

Holistic reality is a key aspect of the philosophy of natural holism. It is the present totality of elements influencing life and both conscious and unconscious experience of it.

Holistic reality is better recognized with improvements in natural health, perception, thought processes, awareness and creative action. This is a perspective that may develop with a natural lifestyle and multi-dimensional exploration with a dedication to goodness and greater wisdom.


Holistic Reality Analysis

Holistic reality analysis is a method of critical examination drawing on awareness of holistic reality.

Holistic reality analysis regards an issue or topic with a comprehensive approach. We can draw on a variety of resources and entertain multiple points of view within a larger picture of holistic reality.

Employing holistic reality analysis we can examine what is going on, compare interpretations, ideas and opinions, uncover manipulation and falsehood, learn real ways of making things better, share thoughts and determine the best course of good creative action serving our advancement in consciousness.

Learning critical thinking has been pretty much phased out of the mass educational process over the years. Those among us that still have enough critical ability to perceive that controlled media presents us a distortion of reality, have turned to other sources of information.

There are many alternative websites, some reflecting just one individualís view on matters of their choice, and others presenting multiple articles from different people on various issues.

Critical skills are needed just as much in the alternative realm, because controlled opposition and disinformation agents are positioned by the power cabal on all sides of every issue or event important to them.

Trolls often post disparaging remarks or express a countering point of view in the web page comments of online articles. Many of these actors actually represent vested interests. Similarly, media and political puppets push points of an agenda planned and set by those above them in the pyramid.

The confusion and potential chaos of opposing viewpoints, competing interests and hostile threats are routinely exploited by those in positions of control as means of distraction and diversion of energy, as well as to spotlight social conditioning issues to the masses.

The Hegelian Dialectic of thesis - antithesis - synthesis, or problem - reaction - solution, is used in conjunction with game theory, propaganda, false flags, public poisons and military psychological operations strategy to guide the populace toward and through gates of acceptance leading to debility, infertility, mind control and early demise.

Think tanks and boards of the Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom are playing high-level chess enhanced by computerized intelligence in service of the multi-generational goal of the upper echelon of the global elitist cabal, full spectrum dominance of humanity.

With the holistic reality analysis process we can recognize our serious situation, then learn to protect ourselves and take steps to work together to make it better.


Life Verities of Holistic Reality

The life verities of holistic reality are natural health, clear perception, shared awareness and goodness. A verity is something true - a fact, a principle, an accurate statement of reality. Adapting to these important principles is a key aspect of awakening in holistic reality.

Natural Health

The key principles of natural health are:

1) relaxing stress and tension, while cultivating a positive attitude of improvement and wellness

2) detoxification of the toxins from poor digestion, imbalanced metabolism and environmental public poisons

3) life supporting nutrition with organic foods, super foods, high quality herbs, antioxidants and pure water

4) a mixed routine of body building, lymph moving and aerobic exercise


Clear Perception

The obvious aspects of normal perception are thought, feeling, intuition, intentional will and the senses. These are tools of the mind and body that function in our encounter with the world.

However, our perception is altered with public poisons that impair mental ability, and with mental engineering through the programmed persuasion of false information, staged events, fake news, propaganda, electromagnetic brain wave altering and more.

A major requisite of clearer thinking is to detoxify the public poisons that impair the brain such as fluoride, aluminum, mercury and barium.

With natural health improvements, clearer tools of perception, focused observation and holistic analysis, we have the ability to learn, expand awareness and encounter life from the perspective of holistic reality in a way that best serves our advancement.


Shared Awareness

The essence of shared awareness is mutual expansion of consciousness. The exchange of knowledge and experiences, meditation, holistic brainstorming and shared creative expression with a mutual attitude of kindness and respect can generate greatly beneficial ideas, plans and actions.

Working together we can make the world better.


Goodness and the Power of Love

Goodness is a manifestation of the power of love that is closely related with shared awareness. Mutual respect, forgiveness, honesty, kindness and gratitude are the qualities of goodness and the power of love that result in good thoughts, good actions and healing.

The power of love is the foundational dynamic energy of life itself. Creative action, caring, healing, peace, joy and goodness are all expressions of love. The power of love is capable of inspiring people to resolve difficult challenges and move on to great accomplishments.


Realizing Holistic Reality

We live in a web of false reality designed by selfish plotters to distract and control our minds. It is critical to dispel falsehood with the cleaner brain, clearer perception and good sense of holistic reality.

It is time for goodness, the power of love, to bring an end to hate, harm and the "divide-and-rule" psychological operations used to generate fear and confusion and to maintain false knowledge.

In the face of the oncoming robotic revolution and implementation of artificial intelligence operations, the immense importance of human beings realizing and maintaining their natural roots in holistic reality is raised to urgency.

The potential benefits of attuning with holistic reality are: increasing well-being, improving intelligence, clarifying perception, restoring intention, exploring valid knowledge, expanding awareness, enhancing goodness and sharing mutually in creative expression with loving kindness.


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